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Why Choose Heart of Texoma
Montessori Academy?


Montessori Based Curriculum

Here at Heart of Texoma Montessori, we follow the lessons and methodology created by Maria Montessori. This model emphasizes a child-centered method of education that involves child-led activities (referred to as "work"), classrooms with children of varying ages, and teacher-guided experiences that encourage and support the development of confident and independent learners.


Wholesome Environment

Maria Montessori emphasized the value of Peace Education. The Heart of Texoma Montessori follows her lead and incorporates grace, courtesy, and manners to create a peaceful learning environment for our students. We work with our families to develop the whole child and cultivate a well-rounded person.


Individualized Experience

Heart of Texoma offers each student a tailored lesson plan to fit their personal needs. Information is shared through MRX Reimagined, keeping families connected and informed. Learners are supported wherever they are on their path of progression through the curriculum.


Small, Multi-Age Classrooms

Our small, mixed-age classrooms offer more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication between the teacher and student. In the mixed-age classroom, attention is drawn to the range of talents and abilities within the class. where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged.


Family & Community Lead

Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy is owned and operated by a Board of Directors who were inspired by the benefits of Montessori and are dedicated to providing a high-quality program that implements best practices for their students and staff.


Experienced Teachers & Staff

Our director and teachers have over 75 years of Montessori experience.

Our students holding up We Have A Dream art work.

What makes us unique?

Our mission is to provide a full-day, Montessori-based early childhood, and elementary learning experience that is nurturing, educationally rich, and developmentally appropriate to empower students to build life skills and embrace their full potential. Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy prepares our students for a life of purpose, integrity, and academic accomplishment, by developing independent learners, critical thinkers, and tomorrow’s leaders.

Meet The Staff



Christina Capalbo-Silva

Hello, my name is Christina Capalbo-Silva. I am the Director of Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy. I have dedicated over 30 years to the Early Childhood field by becoming a Montessori-trained teacher for five years, assistant director for 3, and moving into the Director position for the remainder of the 30 years.  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Master of Science in Early Childhood and Human Resources, and a Montessori certification. My main goal is to assist Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy in creating a nurturing, educationally rich, and developmentally appropriate environment that empowers students and educators to build life skills and embrace their full potential.  


Lead Primary 1 Teacher

Tedi Bearden 

Hello, my name is Tedi Bearden. I am the Lead Primary Teacher at Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy. I have two beautiful children; I enjoy hanging out with my kiddos and going on fun adventures with the family in my free time.  I started teaching in 2015 as an after-school teacher and quickly discovered my love and passion for teaching young children. I began my teaching career in the Toddler program and moved up to the Primary class soon after finding my passion for Montessori Theory. I completed my Child Development Associates Certification in 2020 and am working towards completing my Montessori certification. I am passionate about the Montessori methodology and watching children learn and grow into independent children who will one day be in charge of the world. I feel very blessed to be a part of a dynamic school and teaching environment, such as Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy, where children get to explore and learn, and so do the teachers.


Lead Upper Elementary Teacher

Samantha Ellett

Hello, my name is Samantha Ellett, and I am the Upper Elementary teacher at Heart of Texoma Montessori.  I received my Early Intervention and Child Development degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. I was introduced to the Montessori Method 16 years ago and quickly came to love this style of education. Over the last 16 years, I received my Montessori Infant and Toddler, Primary, Lower and Upper Elementary certifications. I taught in a Toddler classroom for six years, a Primary classroom for nine years, and had the joy of teaching in an Elementary classroom for several summers. My love of learning and self-discovery has led me to take this next step in becoming the full-time Lead Upper Elementary Montessori teacher.  I am honored to be a part of The Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy’s new adventure, where we are building a nurturing academic environment that focuses on meeting the individual child’s needs.


Assistant Director

Cherie Rivera

Hello, my name is Cherie Rivera, and I am the Assistant Director and Trainer at Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy.  I am a mom of three daughters, two cats, and Sita (grandma) to five littles. I have a Bachelor of Science in Disciplinary Studies from Stephen F. Austin State University and hold EC-6 Texas Teacher certification. My seven years of public and private school teaching,   five years as a substitute K-12 teacher, and 17 years of homeschooling provide me with vast experience, education philosophy, and practical knowledge. When introduced to the Montessori classroom as a Lower Elementary teacher, I fell in love with the practical application of  Montessori Theory. Children in a Montessori classroom have the opportunity to learn in the ways children learn best; movement is incorporated into the work and lessons so they are not expected to sit still for prolonged periods; they work at their pace, have individual lessons, and work in all four predominant learning styles: visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic. I am blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate with staff in the area of Montessori curriculum and training. 


Lead Primary 2 Teacher

Katie Brinlee

Hello, my name is Katie Brinlee. I am the Lead Primary 2 Teacher at Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy. I have been married to my wonderful husband for six years, and we have three amazing boys. I started my teaching career because of my eldest child. I wanted to be a part of his early educational journey, so I chose to teach in early childhood education. I joined Primrose in 2015 and worked as a toddler teacher for almost two years. In 2017, I began teaching in a Montessori program and continued to learn and grow as a teacher. I worked four years as a Pre-Primary teacher and then moved to Primary. I completed my Child Development Associates Certification in 2018, and I'm working toward achieving my Montessori certification. I love the independence that the Montessori methodology instills in children. I enjoy watching the children mindfully handle and overcome their challenges. The pride they feel when completing a task continues to inspire me as a teacher. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have the opportunity to teach at Heart of Texoma, where my love for Montessori and children grows daily.


Lead Lower Elementary Teacher

Sarah Giles

Hello, my name is Sarah Giles, and I am so excited to work at Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy as the Lead Lower Elementary Teacher. I have been a Montessori teacher for 17 years. Through the years, I have taught in Primary and Lower Elementary. I hold a certification in each age level. I'm GLOBE certified and have training in Love and Logic. I also have a CDA in Early Childhood. I fell in love with Montessori Theory and have a deep passion for this teaching philosophy. I believe that we can change the world through respect and education of peace. I have been blessed to see many young people grow and learn to their full potential as wonderful humans. I am grateful that I am being allowed to continue teaching in an environment that promotes respect for children, acknowledges each child's unique attributes, and fosters the child's desire to acquire knowledge, allowing them freedom to choose, correct their mistakes, and work at their pace. 

The core of Heart of Texoma Montessori Academy is our passionate team of teachers,

who follow a high academic standard to guide their student's academic, creative, and Leadership skills. See below to learn more about each of our team members.

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